Your productivity booster for industrial machinery!

Take your industry to its peak of productivity.
Hunt-R suite will achieve it easily in the most profitable way.
Product Description

Hunt-R is a web-based state-of-the-art Internet of Things solution that allows industry managers to monitor the actual productivity of their manufacturing machinery, improving equipment availability times and reducing energy bills.

• Leveraging a simple sensor device Hunt-R solution easily adapts to any type of industrial machine and wirelessly monitors its real-time usage and energy

• Data is uploaded to Hunt-R's cloud-based servers and immediately available for your analysis.

• Easily connect any production machine, anywhere, in just minutes!

• Log into Hunt-R web console and watch your machines, productive areas or company's productivity levels, in real time!

Easy Installation in 3 Steps
1. Plug the Hunt-R wireless sensors into the equipment’s electrical power box.
2. Configure machine states in the online suite.
3. Access your account online to monitor equipment performance.
Main  Functions

• Monitor your equipment in real time with a modern, fully visual and mobile-friendly interface.

• Characterize machine working states.

• Query last periods, last shifts and compare machine performance via the dashboard.

• Customize breakdown or idle time alerts.

• Drill down into root cause analysis by company, area, machine and periods using Hunt-R´s analytics tools.

• Four levels of analysis: Live, Last Shifts, Last Production Records and Overall Company Performance over selected periods of time.

• Automatically connect your production and

administrative software systems directly to Hunt-R’s platform for a fully integrated, end-to-end experience.

• Optional additional sensor inputs for monitoring additional production activities and variables.


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We mix IoT, Data Sciece and Cognitive Computing software solutions to amaze our customers with innovative IoT based solutions to capture, analyze and optimize data visualization through advanced algorithms, generating value to the business operations in the shortest time.

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ThingWorx IoT platform.

Increase overall company productivity and assets availability.

Prevent wasteful idle times.

Reduce energy consumption via real cause analysis of production processes.

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